Saeed Molla Ismaili, General Manager of Economic and Financial Affairs and Vice President of Central Province Investment Center, announced the attraction of six million euros of production machinery from foreign investment to the province.

According to the public relations report of the General Administration of Economic and Financial Affairs of the Central Province, Molla Ismaili, the General Director of Economic and Financial Affairs and the Vice President of the Provincial Investment Center, stated: In March of this year, an active partner in the food supplements and pharmaceutical industry in the Central Province, with the cooperation of customs, in the amount of six million Euros He imported production line equipment to the province to develop his products.

According to him, this project is one of the high-tech industries that was launched with foreign investment in the northern regions of the province and is being produced.

The introduction of these machines, while developing the production of that factory, by preventing the import of some food and medicine items in the field of currency savings, will have positive effects and consequences for the economy of the province and the country.